1:1 Coaching Information

Interested in 1:1 coaching?

1:1 coaching is for you if you’re ready to get out of your head, own your shit and work towards some changes in your life – with my help of course 😉 

I’m here to help you cut through the bullshit coming at you from multiple directions because let’s be honest – you need an approach that works for YOU and your unique circumstances!

I could tell you exactly what I do but based on my own experience over the years I know that coaching sustainable change means whatever we do needs to be highly individualised to YOUR needs. 

What we work on together is totally up to you – I can help you implement lifestyle habits, work on letting go of perfectionism, goal-setting and implementation – whatever it is, I’m here to cheer you on with compassion and a bit tough love when it’s needed. 

You should know that I’m a strong believer that mindset is everything! Through my own experience, I have learned that the inner work is just as important (if not more) as moving regularly and nourishing our bodies so it’s highly likely that you’ll get some homework from me most weeks 🤓

For more info (including pricing – I got nothing to hide here), keep scrolling! ⬇️  


Weekly check-ins and support

Individualised tools & strategies


The lowdown

We’ll work together for a minimum of 3 months – this timeframe allows both of us to get to know each other and figure out what works (and doesn’t!).
Based on what you want to focus on, we’ll discuss some key concepts and then come up with a bit of a plan together in an initial 60 minute chat.  

A lot of my coaching focusses on habits and helping you gain new perspectives but to be honest – this is about you, your plan and how I can support that. Note that while I’m trained in nutrition, I won’t set macros or provide detailed nutritional advice.

What we work on really does depend on your context and situation – with some of my clients we focussed on helping them unlearn some limiting beliefs, for others it’s been about trusting themselves and practicing follow through and for others it’s letting go of perfectionism. 

What we do during our time together may change and evolve too – sometimes this will look like a providing you a list of resources (books/podcasts), other times it might be a longer call with me to help you gain a different perspective (this is where I will refer you to the disclaimer that I am not a licensed medical professional or therapist and it is outside my scope of practice to diagnose and treat illnesses and diseases – HOWEVER I’m a fan of seeking extra help when needed).

We will check-in weekly (which includes a questionnaire and a quick video chat – unless that’s not your thing, voice memos are cool too) for the duration of our time together. We’ll also have a private Slack channel to communicate with each other in between check ins.
Depending on where you’re based, sometimes there may be a delay in getting back to you since I live in New Zealand but I’ll always do my best to get back to you within 24 hours.  

For more info check out the Frequently Asked Questions 🤓

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What my clients say

Nina helped me refocus and identify why my progress had slowed, first we worked on understanding the blockers I was facing and how they were impacting both my training and mindset. Next, we moved on to getting past those blockers using helpful tips, tricks and personal insights from her own training.
Nina really meets you where you are and is supportive to each clients needs. She is always around and is never too busy if you need help. She is resourceful and has an array of tools, articles and podcasts to help you on your journey. I’m really don’t think I could have navigated through the pandemic in the US without her. She really does coach from an “inner level” perspective.
Nina was able to listen, understand and apply useful wellbeing tools and techniques that would go on to make an enormous difference to my physical performance because I was able to focus on the task at hand. I’ve managed to continue to use the tools she provided long after Fight Night, and have found them useful in day-to-day life as well when things start getting tough.


Note: all 1:1 coaching requires a minimum 3 month commitment.  I’m happy to discuss pricing in NZ$ upon request. 

Inner Level Light Touch

This is for you if you don’t want the weekly coaching calls with yours truly – we’ll just be using Slack/Voxer for our check-ins and coaching. 

Inner Level Base

The base package is for you if you’re keen on short weekly chats as part of your check-ins – nothing beats a (virtual) face-to-face!

Inner Level Plus

This one is for you if you want more in-depth chats each week AND a monthly call to discuss goals or particular challenges in-depth.


Per month

Upfront payment option (about 10% discount): 



Per month

Upfront payment option (about 10% discount): 



Per month

Upfront payment option (about 10% discount):


No matter which package you choose, click the button below to fill in the application form. Completing the form does not mean you’re committing to anything just yet but it will help me find out more about you and your goals & make sure we’re a good fit!